Friday, September 25, 2009

This was Scott's first time entering the contest. He got Honorable Mention!

This was Audrey's first time entering the Big E cake contest. She won 2nd place in the 6 - 12 division. Not bad for a 9-year-old who's never decorated a cake before!

This was my second year entering the Big E cake decorating contest. I got 3rd place this year! The cake was 2 double layer cakes covered with fondant. The purple, green and yellow Mardi Gras beads were piped buttercream. Everything else was sculpted fondant. The musical notes were painted on with gel food coloring.

This cake I made for my friend Marilyn's grandson. This was based on Brendan's favorite page of his dinosaur book. The iguanodon was all piped out of buttercream frosting. I can't wait to make his 2nd birthday cake this year!
This was a cake for my good friend Whitney's baby shower. It was decorated with buttercream frosting and the animals and letters are made out of fondant. The design was based on the pattern she registered for for the baby's room.