Thursday, October 1, 2009

This cake I made for a friend to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday. This was one of the first carved cakes I did. It is entirely covered in fondant with buttercream piped accents.
I made this cake for my friend Denise for a golf fundraiser she was helping with. It is a sheet cake and a small dome cake, both yellow, frosted with buttercream. The car is made out of fondant with the windows painted on with food coloring.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This was Scott's first time entering the contest. He got Honorable Mention!

This was Audrey's first time entering the Big E cake contest. She won 2nd place in the 6 - 12 division. Not bad for a 9-year-old who's never decorated a cake before!

This was my second year entering the Big E cake decorating contest. I got 3rd place this year! The cake was 2 double layer cakes covered with fondant. The purple, green and yellow Mardi Gras beads were piped buttercream. Everything else was sculpted fondant. The musical notes were painted on with gel food coloring.

This cake I made for my friend Marilyn's grandson. This was based on Brendan's favorite page of his dinosaur book. The iguanodon was all piped out of buttercream frosting. I can't wait to make his 2nd birthday cake this year!
This was a cake for my good friend Whitney's baby shower. It was decorated with buttercream frosting and the animals and letters are made out of fondant. The design was based on the pattern she registered for for the baby's room.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This, also thanks to Carrie, was for our friend Mike's 40th birthday. Frosted in buttercream with fondant accents. The poker chips were made from candy melts in molds.
Thanks to Carrie for emailing me this picture. This was a chocolate cake (I think) frosted and decorated with buttercream frosting for Jimmy's (aka Spidey) 3rd birthday.

My first wedding cake! Double layers of vanilla cake on the bottom and chocolate cake on top decorated with white buttercream. The hearts on top were free form melted chocolate on waxed paper that I "glued" together to be joining hearts.
Aidan's 3rd birthday cake - vanilla with buttercream frosting and chocolate chip eyes.
Cat and Dog cupcakes for one of Audrey's birthdays. Decorated with chocolate and regular buttercream frosting. The ears and eyes were made from melted candy melts.
Vanilla cupcakes for my friend Denise decorated with buttercream frosting. The frog's eyes were green M&Ms.
Another early cake - Audrey's 5th birthday - cake was baked in a Pyrex bowl to look like an igloo.
Vanilla cake covered and decorated with buttercream frosting for Aidan's welcome and Grandma Rae's birthday party.

Vanilla cake covered and decorated with buttercream frosting for Thea's 1st birthday.

One of my earlier cakes. A sculpted dump truck cake covered in buttercream with chocolate graham cracker "dirt" and chocolate frosted doughnut "tires" for Aidan's first birthday.

These were made for a friend of a friend. Her son, Cam turned 6 and had the sports themed cupcakes for his "kid party" and the sheet cake for his grown up party. Both were vanilla cakes decorated with buttercream frosting.

"Double chocolate!" Chocolate cake filled and covered with chocolate buttercream frosting. Red decoartions and writing done in regular buttercream. Olives made of shaped fondant for Rick's birthday, celebrating his love for Three Olives vodka!
Double layer vanilla cake filled and decorated with buttercream frosting. The purple flowers are made of shaped fondant. This cake was for a Rick's mom on her 90th birthday.
Chocolate cake filled with buttercream frosting and covered with fondant. The decorations are made of fondnt, painted with diluted gel food coloring.
Sugar cookie bouquet made for Audrey's teacher as an end of the year present.

These two cakes both happened to be made the same day. One cake was vanilla and one was chocolate. Both were covered with buttercream frosting. The cross design, made of royal icing hand-piped on fondant, was from Benjamin's invitation.
These cakes were made for twin 4 year old boys, Nick and Tim. One cake was vanilla and the other was chocolate. Both were decorated with buttercream frosting. The backpack on the soccerball cake is made of fondant.
Vanilla cake decorated in buttercream as Disney's Princess Jasmine made for Sarah's 6th birthday.

One of my favorites! The hungry, hungry caterpillar cake is chocolate with buttercream filling covered and decorated in fondant - made for Natalia's baby shower

Vanilla cupcakes decorated with buttercream frosting for Audrey's school play
Chocolate cake with Tiramisu filling covered in buttercream with fondant accents - dor David's Surprise 30th birthday
Chocolate cupcakes decorated with Buttercream frosting for Zoey's 6th birthday

Chocolate Cake with Tiramisu filling covered with chocolate fondant - for Alison's bridal shower